Why Should You Use Emjoi Slim Tweeze E6 for the Face?

Emjoi Slim Tweeze E6
UPDATED: December 1, 2019

Emjoi Slim Tweeze E6 – Review

With a faster paced and more hectic life, we find less time for our families and even less time to maintain our hygiene. The growth of facial hair on the face and other unwanted areas disrupts our hygiene, and so epilators are becoming more and more a rage these days. With a very easy setup, smaller form factor and rechargeable batteries Emjoi Slim Tweeze E6 has become increasingly popular.

Weighing in at just 45 grams this device is extremely light and with a smaller size, it easy to get a good grip on its entire body which helps a lot in fulfilling its purpose. It is also battery operated; hence once its battery has gone down it can simply be connected to a plug point and be recharged again.

Top Features of Emjoi Slim Tweeze E6

Facial Hair Removal

No more hassle of trying to find the right size of the battery and opening the body of the case so that one can insert the batteries like other epilators. It also helps the fact that it’s inexpensive and made of durable material. One can also opt for waxing instead of using an epilator. But the long and cumbersome process of planting wax strips on your skin waiting for it to settle down and then removing it by force and causing too much wear and tear to your skin seems rather rudimentary and primitive when you have devices like the Emjoi Slim Tweeze E6.

As this epilator is softer on the face, we can easily use this device to remove unwanted hair from our face without harming our skin. It also works for older women who have hit their menopausal as they can often get soft fine peach fuzz on their faces, but with an epilator like this one, it is rather easy to remove it. Applying epileptic potion is another good recommendation after using this epilator on your skin.

Pros and Cons of Emjoi Slim Tweeze E6

Emjoi Slim Tweeze E6

With its small size and easily graspable body, it can be used to get rid of hair from every corner of the face namely from under the chin, the small lining of hair above the lips and certain corners of faces and neck. Because of its small form factor, you can even easily carry in a box or hand, and you can also give it to others for usage. On first use the epilator might sting a bit but once started, the customer would inevitably experience smooth and nice skin. Both the genders and can use this Epilator will work miraculously for both.

Pros– It is inexpensive, lightweight and battery is rechargeable and comes with a graspable and durable body. Most importantly it does its job very well, and that is to combat the growth of hair and remove it from the face.

Cons– Though the battery is rechargeable one might prefer the changeable battery epilators as they last longer in a single charge and can be used anywhere.

The pros far outweigh the cons, and so that makes Emjoi Epi Slim Tweeze E6 a wise choice for an individual who is always concerned about their hygiene.

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